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As we all know, within the setting of a house we find carpets as a fundamental element in many cases, many people who assure that a house without carpets is not welcoming; Hence the market offers us today an endless number of colors, sizes, and styles to create a stamp of identity in our space.

The most commonly evaluated aspect when buying or not a carpet is cleaning, there are several myths that point out that carpets are very beautiful but difficult to clean, and that makes consumers opt for wood or conventional floors; In this article we will show that carpet cleaning is not as complicated as it seems and can be done without investing much time and money.


First of all we have to emphasize that when a carpet gets dirty we proceed to clean it immediately, the big mistake of all users is to wait for the guests (in the case of a celebration) to retire and then carry out the cleaning; Most stains can be removed from your carpet after things have passed, but when the solutions or blends dry, their hygiene can become a complicated task.

For cleaning a stain on an area of your carpet you should take a white paper towel to remove the stain still liquid; It is important not to use a paper with “color” because sometimes this can happen to mix with one of the carpets.

Clean wide carpet?

If we have a spoon in the moment, we will use it to raise the liquid of the carpet without pressing down; the use of knives or knives is not recommended when it is necessary to remove anything from the carpet, this is how people cut the carpet drawings and irreversibly damages them.

NOTE: When cleaning carpet, do not carve or brush any stain to remove it, this is also one of the most common actions that ruin carpets or their structure, in case of having a stain remover, we must first examine it before using it And apply it in a small part to see if it removes or damages the colors.

Some removers are very strong and can even puncture part of the carpet; In case you are not sure how to proceed in cleaning carpets you must hire a professional, the prices of carpet scrubbers are quoted between USD $ 4 and USD $ 4 a square foot.


Carpet cleaning can be done by ourselves as long as we take into account some logical steps and necessary to avoid damaging the material of manufacture of the same.

  • The first step is to prepare the carpet for washing, in case your combination includes silk, we should not wash them but let a professional clean it.
  • The second step is to suck the carpet up, if you have long bristles we should suck more carefully to remove all the dirt and insects that may be accumulated; If the bristles get stuck in the vacuum cleaner we should not pull them, we will just turn off the appliance and remove them one by one.
  • Then we can shake the dust using a broom or wooden stick, beating the back of the carpet (you will see the amount of sand that falls to the ground), once we have removed it, we will pass the vacuum again.
  • The next step in cleaning carpet is to analyze the discoloration of the same before wetting it; we will only apply water and liquid shampoo in a small portion of it.NOTE: We will use a soft brush and if we notice that the colors are combining with each other, we will leave it to a professional to clean it.
  • It is here where we will use only cold water to wet its surface as long as the rug is deeply dirty, otherwise, it is enough to pass the vacuum cleaner;
  • Our next recommendation is to emphasize the use of natural soap for carpet cleaning, if we cannot find one, we will use very soft vegetable or baby shampoo, and under no circumstances will we use strong chemicals or stain removers.Also do not use the soap in an extreme way, only a little that will be spread by a soft brush, we will repeat the procedure about three times until we notice that all the dirt begins to disappear; Finally let dry the carpet and try not to walk on it until it is completely dry.
  • In the case of stumbling blocks, steps can be done manually, and if your tools allow, you can use a polishing machine with the sponge at the tip, thus “shampoo” your carpet, the former is the procedure that is done in a professional way.

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