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Carpet Cleaning Tricks



As we all know, within the setting of a house we find carpets as a fundamental element in many cases, many people who assure that a house without carpets is not welcoming; Hence the market offers us today an endless number of colors, sizes, and styles to create a stamp of identity in our space.

The most commonly evaluated aspect when buying or not a carpet is cleaning, there are several myths that point out that carpets are very beautiful but difficult to clean, and that makes consumers opt for wood or conventional floors; In this article we will show that carpet cleaning is not as complicated as it seems and can be done without investing much time and money.


First of all we have to emphasize that when a carpet gets dirty we proceed to clean it immediately, the big mistake of all users is to wait for the guests (in the case of a celebration) to retire and then carry out the cleaning; Most stains can be removed from your carpet after things have passed, but when the solutions or blends dry, their hygiene can become a complicated task.

For cleaning a stain on an area of your carpet you should take a white paper towel to remove the stain still liquid; It is important not to use a paper with “color” because sometimes this can happen to mix with one of the carpets.

Clean wide carpet?

If we have a spoon in the moment, we will use it to raise the liquid of the carpet without pressing down; the use of knives or knives is not recommended when it is necessary to remove anything from the carpet, this is how people cut the carpet drawings and irreversibly damages them.

NOTE: When cleaning carpet, do not carve or brush any stain to remove it, this is also one of the most common actions that ruin carpets or their structure, in case of having a stain remover, we must first examine it before using it And apply it in a small part to see if it removes or damages the colors.

Some removers are very strong and can even puncture part of the carpet; In case you are not sure how to proceed in cleaning carpets you must hire a professional, the prices of carpet scrubbers are quoted between USD $ 4 and USD $ 4 a square foot.


Carpet cleaning can be done by ourselves as long as we take into account some logical steps and necessary to avoid damaging the material of manufacture of the same.

  • The first step is to prepare the carpet for washing, in case your combination includes silk, we should not wash them but let a professional clean it.
  • The second step is to suck the carpet up, if you have long bristles we should suck more carefully to remove all the dirt and insects that may be accumulated; If the bristles get stuck in the vacuum cleaner we should not pull them, we will just turn off the appliance and remove them one by one.
  • Then we can shake the dust using a broom or wooden stick, beating the back of the carpet (you will see the amount of sand that falls to the ground), once we have removed it, we will pass the vacuum again.
  • The next step in cleaning carpet is to analyze the discoloration of the same before wetting it; we will only apply water and liquid shampoo in a small portion of it.NOTE: We will use a soft brush and if we notice that the colors are combining with each other, we will leave it to a professional to clean it.
  • It is here where we will use only cold water to wet its surface as long as the rug is deeply dirty, otherwise, it is enough to pass the vacuum cleaner;
  • Our next recommendation is to emphasize the use of natural soap for carpet cleaning, if we cannot find one, we will use very soft vegetable or baby shampoo, and under no circumstances will we use strong chemicals or stain removers.Also do not use the soap in an extreme way, only a little that will be spread by a soft brush, we will repeat the procedure about three times until we notice that all the dirt begins to disappear; Finally let dry the carpet and try not to walk on it until it is completely dry.
  • In the case of stumbling blocks, steps can be done manually, and if your tools allow, you can use a polishing machine with the sponge at the tip, thus “shampoo” your carpet, the former is the procedure that is done in a professional way.

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Carpet Cleaning Tricks

Cleaning of carpets: the dos’ and don’ts

Cleaning of carpets: the dos’ and don’ts

Cleaning carpets and rugs is often a delicate task. I continued reading to know what care you have to take when cleaning rugs and carpets.

Main Tip:

Fortunately, you’re not going to have to rush out to buy products to clean carpets and small carpets when they get stained. Instead, to remove the stain easily, you can prepare a homemade solution with a cup of warm water, some vinegar and laundry soap, such as some of the Ala line. We recommend that you always test the product in a poorly visible area first.

Whether its carpets or small rugs to get out of the shower or bedroom, a common mistake is to clean them the same way you clean the rest of the carpets. That is, vacuuming and then removing stains and accumulated dirt with a carpet cleaner. But small rugs are often much more delicate because they are not specifically designed to withstand heavy use, so they spoil much more easily. Knowing how to clean them properly is important to keep them in good condition and prevent them from deteriorating.

Is it necessary to use a specific cleaning product for the washing of carpets or carpets?

No, for the cleaning and daily maintenance of carpets, it is not necessary to use a special product for the washing of carpets. But to remove stains and dirt, you will need a specific cleaner or carpet cleaner that is suitable for delicate materials. In this case, do not forget to always read the manufacturer’s instructions and wear gloves to protect your skin. We also recommend that you first use the product in a small, inconspicuous part of the material as a test.

On the other hand, if you want, you can make your own homemade cleanser. Mix warm water, a little white vinegar and a drop of detergent. Do not apply too much of the preparation to not saturate the material or wet the back.

To perform a daily cleaning of carpets and keep the small carpets in good condition, pass the vacuum cleaner and then use a medium-bristled brush. As for cleaning:

  • Run the vacuum cleaner in the back to loosen the adhering dirt.
  • Turn it over again and pass the vacuum cleaner to the top, without compromising the tassels, if any.
  • I protected the tassels manually by separating them and avoiding the vacuum cleaner.
  • After vacuuming, use a brush to remove dust or remaining hair, especially if you have pets at home.

Carpet washing: can the small carpets be washed in the washing machine?

Before putting it in the washing machine, read the label with the washing instructions. Generally, woven and braided rugs are quite strong and can be washed in the washing machine, but there are other materials that are more delicate. And although the woven carpets are sturdier, you should put them inside a pillowcase or a washable cotton bag before washing. In this way, the material does not have direct contact with the drum of the machine and you avoid possible damages.

Cleaning delicate or oriental carpets and rugs

Cleaning oriental carpets and rugs
When cleaning delicate or oriental carpets, it is advisable to be very careful not to damage the fabric or the fibers. Here’s how to do it:

For daily maintenance, place an aerated fabric, such as a lightweight cotton sheath or nylon cloth, over the top of the carpet and vacuum.

Dirt should be filtered through the fabric you used to cover it and, by not sucking directly on the carpet; the fibers will not be damaged. It will even be smoother.

To treat stains and dirt marks, try to use a home cleaner that is delicate and made from natural products. The mixture of warm water, vinegar, and detergent mentioned above is excellent for cleaning oriental carpets.

To eliminate bad odors, especially those that leave the pets or the tobacco, sprinkle talc common or of a baby. Leave it all night to absorb the odors. The next morning, he vacuumed to remove the talc.

How often do you have to clean carpets or carpets?

The idea is to carry out the cleaning of carpets or tapestries at least once a week, especially if they are exposed to constant use or pets at home. Vacuum the vacuum every week (unless they have very little use and, in that case, twice a month is fine). The stains should try to remove them right away. It is always easier to remove a stain when it is still fresh since once it dries, it is impregnated into the fibers. Lastly, doing a deep carpet cleaning every six months or a year is also advisable so that they are always like new.

Helpful tips for cleaning of carpets:

Keep carpets clean by vacuuming weekly.

Some rugs can be washed in the washing machine, although we recommend you always read your label.

For the cleaning of carpets and Oriental or more delicate carpets, we recommend using a homemade solution with natural ingredients.

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Carpet Cleaning

How to clean carpets?

If you know how to properly clean a carpet, this will help make a big difference in your home. Learn how to clean carpets with these interesting tips.

Main Tip:

Always clean stains as soon as possible and, in the case of spills, also try to absorb the liquid as soon as possible.

Helpful tips:

Do not rub the stains on the carpet.

Apply the stain remover from the outside in to avoid spreading the stain further.

It is possible to create your own carpet cleaner.

It is recommended to test the cleaning product to be used in a poorly visible area before use.

In the midst of our daily tasks, we always strive to keep our home clean and neat. However, with the passage of time, the carpets accumulate stains and look dirty. Carpet cleaning done on a regular basis helps to remove stains and keep them spotless.

Always remember: Before applying any of these methods, perform a test in a poorly visible area, such as under a large piece of furniture or behind a door. Always read the label on any cleaning product before using it.

How to Clean a Rug with Fresh Spots

Cleaning a Rug Carpet
When you notice any stains or spills on the carpet, clean them immediately by following these steps:

Before applying any cleaning solution on carpets, it is important that you remove as much of the liquid or spilled substance as possible. To do this, you can use an absorbent sponge or a microfiber cloth.

Do not rub the spill, as this could spread the stain and make the situation worse.

When applying any stain remover or carpet cleaning product, it is recommended to do so from the outside to the interior to prevent the stain from spreading further. It is advised not to make extensive use of the method and product to be used until it has not been previously tested in a small area.

After applying a cleaning solution, immediately dry the moisture with a clean towel. If after doing this, the carpet is still very wet, we advise you to leave the towel on the affected area with a heavy object on top of it for a few hours.

For dry stains and other accumulated dirt, refer to the following guide.

How to Clean Carpet at Home

While commercial stain removers are extremely useful, you can also complement household cleaning products such as the one described below. This method will also help you to remove stains that are dry or accumulated by everyday use.


Carpet Cleaning Materials

  • Broom or brush
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Borax
  • Cornmeal


The first thing we recommend to wash your carpets is to brush a brush or brush all over the surface to remove filaments, lint or other elements of dirt. Then vacuum the entire carpet.

To prepare a carpet cleaning powder that, in addition to loosening dry spots, prevents mold growth and deodorizes, you only need to mix one part of borax with two parts of corn flour.

Sprinkle the mixture on the carpet, if no damage is verified. Wait about an hour and then vacuum it. This method also eliminates bad odors and contributes to removing dirt in case the aspiration process has not completely removed it.

Then you could apply a special product to clean carpets. Always remember to follow the instructions on the label and take the necessary precautions.

Do not step on the carpet until it dries completely. If it does not rain and there is not much wind that can bring in dry dust or leaves, I opened the window to help it dry faster. Once dry, I re-vacuum the carpet; this will remove lint and any other residue.

While it may not be possible for older carpets or large stains to return to their original condition with these carpet cleaning methods, it is possible to reduce the severity of the stains and improve the overall appearance. This, in addition, will involve a moderate investment of time and effort.

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